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With Royal Enfield the philosophy is let history inform the future.

We are unique in the motorcycle world, we remain as faithful to the original machines as possible that built the legend of Royal Enfield. This is our core & our soul, for the future Royal Enfield will continue to be inspired by legendary names from the past, these will help shape our future.

Significant investments in research & development in recent years have added exponentially to the brands quality & feel and will soon see some exciting new products come to market.

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Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Twin

The new Continental GT 650 Twin is an evolution of the Continental GT 535, which in turn, was an evolution of the Continental GT 250 - the original Royal Enfield British café race...

£5,499 + OTR

Royal Enfield Interceptor INT 650 Twin

The Royal Enfield Interceptor 2018 marks the return of one of Royal Enfield's most loved classic motorcycles. Hailing from a time when all that mattered was that the California sun...

£5,299 + OTR

Royal Enfield Himalayan

All of Himalayan's sums and parts work in perfect harmony to utilize the energy of the terrain it traverses. A grounded stance, terrain tested suspension, dual purpose tyres combin...

£3,999 + OTR

Royal Enfield Continental GT

The standard 500cc Bullet engine has been increased to 535cc, and with a larger throttle body and hotter cam it boosts an additional 1.9hp bringing it to around 29HP. The new chass...

£4,999 + OTR

Royal Enfield Redditch Edition

Royal Enfield have given the Classic 500 model an aesthetic makeover with three new colors inspired by the models built during the 1950s at the Redditch factory The Classic is one ...

£4,499 + OTR

Royal Enfield Stealth

There's a time to ride, and a time to call it a day, sit back and watch the universe blaze away in all its glory. To remember the joys and pains of the day gone by, and look forwar...

£4,799 + OTR

Royal Enfield Classic Chrome

The Royal Enfield Classic Chrome is based on the Classic 500 with a rather generous dose of chrome on it. Like the Classic 500, the new Classic Chrome retains the quintessential cl...

£4,699 + OTR

Royal Enfield Classic Military

The Classic Satin comes to you with a paint scheme reminiscent of the war era, a time when Royal Enfield motorcycles proved their capabilities and battle worthiness by impeccable s...

£4,499 + OTR

Royal Enfield Classic 500 EFI

Armed with a potent fuel injected 500cc engine and clothed in a disarmingly appealing post war styling, this promises to be the most coveted Royal Enfield in history. For those who...

£4,499 + OTR

Royal Enfield Bullet 500 EFI

The Bullet 500 EFI is the culmination of over 8 decades of legacy, of the longest running model in continuous production. Since 1932 the Bullet has mesmerized thousands all over th...

£3,999 + OTR